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Space to Thrive uses both 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches to support well-being, vitality and resilience. 


Clinical Director, Brigid Wells, integrates Embodiment and Sensory Play, Creative Arts Therapy, EMDR, and Ego-State Therapy into a Neuro-Affective-Relational Model (NARM) approach. These models recognise the resources an individual possesses in order to survive challenging experiences.


We have a team of reliable and skilled therapists available to offer 1:1 therapy, group therapy and family therapy for the following intentions:

  • improving mood stability
  • reducing flash-backs
  • improving relationships
  • developing greater self-confidence and self-trust
  • improving creativity
  • overcoming performance anxiety
  • reducing reliance on 'out-of-date' survival strategies (binging; numbing; shame-cycle; venting; isolation...)
  • increasing resilience and resourcefulness
  • processing difficult and traumatic experience

Depending on your intended outcome, previous experiences, your strengths and difficulties - all of which are assessed during initial meetings - you will be offered either a therapeutic intervention or an integrated intervention.


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