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Gibraltar - 9 Weekends 2019-2020          Therapeutic Play & Creativity Course for Psychological / Social Health / Educational Professionals / Carers:  Cutting edge theory, as well as a chance to Recharge, Renew, Develop, Be Inspired and Inspiring!

Join our holistic, personal growth and professional training, if you want to integrate understanding of Trauma, Play, Drama, Creative-Expressive Therapeutic Interventions into your service / client work / supporting children, parents and families. 


Our clients' (and at times, our own) unprocessed trauma and our lack of suitable resources can have an impact on our vitality and efficacy as a helping professional.   That's why this course is designed to give you theoretical underpinning and a nurturing space to experience the techniques, tools and approaches to healing.  


Learning takes place in a supportive, playful, creative and mindful environment.  We actively support greater Social Responsibility, Ethical and Sustainable practice - so that this holistic experience can have a positive impact on your health and the health you can bring to your clients and healing or helping communities. 


We will be holding 9 rich, creative, experiential weekends, integrating cutting edge theory and practice from a Creative-Expressive, Neuro-Relational model of trauma and development.  


We are accepting applications now, and will commence in September 2019. 


The course follows the same structure each weekend, and will provide you with 140 hours of CPD training, as well as provide reading, articles and podcasts to make the most of time, between weekends.  We will have long lunch breaks and time at the end of the day to reflect, connect and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 

We will use yoga exercises and focused breathing times together, in and around the basic structure: 

Friday 6-9pm Orientation for the weekend ahead;

Saturday 10-5 

Sunday 9-4


The 9 weekends are split into 3 blocks of training, comprising of 3 weekends each.  The themes shared below are not resticted to each block, but a brief guideline of contents - finalised content will be related to the specific need and interests of group members.


Block 1 - A Sense of Awe, Wonder and Creativity!

 2019 October 25, 26, 27  *  November 15, 16, 17  *  December 13, 14, 15

- A Neuro-Developmental Model of understanding health and well being, and how this is promoted through engagement with Play, drama, expressive media.

- Polyvagal theory and how to integrate this understanding into your creative- therapeutic interventions

- Practice of facilitation and personal exploration


Block 2 - A Language for Healing, Connection and Complexity!

  2020 January 24, 25, 26  *  February 21, 22, 23  *  March 27, 28, 29

- Developmental Trauma and Survival Strategies

- Understanding what gets in the way of greater health and resilience

Practice of facilitation and personal exploration


Block 3 - A Map for Families, Couples and Individuals

2020 April 24, 25, 26  *  May 29, 30, 31  *  June 26, 27, 28

- Creating the conditions for engaging with healing and personal development

- Assessment and Evaluating the efficacy of your interventions

- Systemic work, Conflict Resolution and Secondary Trauma

Practice of facilitation and personal exploration


Each block costs £950 - which can be paid before each block.  Please get in touch if you wish to find out more. 



Deposit for 9 Weekend Training - Block 1

Book your place with the deposit of £250


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Full Fee for 3 Blocks - 9 Weekend Training

Full Fee for the 9 Weekend Training


Experiential workshops enhance the learning opportunities that support greater application of theory into practice
Experiential workshops enhance the learning opportunities that support greater application of theory into practice

Trauma-Informed Supervision & Training to aid healing for Carers & Support Workers


Individuals who have experienced complex trauma need highly skilled care.


Clear role definition and an enhanced understanding of early trauma can help carers and support workers to really support change.


We offer the following training:

On-Site, Trauma-Informed Workshops

Trauma-Stewardship and Team Health

Supervision and Consultation