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Playing for our health!  Monthly Play Practice

Trauma-informed Play Training and Practice


We recognise the importance of taking care of our own health, as well as understanding the potential power of play, and how to use improvisation in therapeutic ways. 


We offer up-to-date theory and streamlined models that help us to organise our work-play or play-work.  We are guided by an American founded approach to Dramatherapy, called Developmental Transformations (DvT) - check out their fantastic website library.


We offer training in DvT, so you can develop your play facilitation skills and work towards greater personal flexibility and professional competence in trauma-informed play.


The CPD days are also about you, as a human with a big heart, and who needs safe spaces to play and express themselves, so you can feel more resourced for the people you work with.  Our training sessions support a reduction in inner discomfort and an increase in playfulness; to expand our 'play-ability'; to engage in an 'antidote' to the disconnection and troubles in the world at the moment...

Anni Tosh and Brigid Wells (both Dramatherapists, graduates and long time enthusiasts of DvT - Developmental Transformations), offer a theory and practise group, where all group members can contribute to our collective understanding of the opportunities in play, share and play with DvT ideas of how to use playful interventions more purposefully; weaving insight and trauma-informed psycho-education into self-care and play encounters.

If these ideas are of interest, we would like to invite you to join us in a Developmental Transformations (DvT) Practise Space; 11 meetings over the next year; mostly Saturday afternoons; £40 for 3 hours of sheer delight and CPD! No obligation needed - drop in, until we may all decide on a closed group structure; Teachers, TA's, SENCO's, Arts Therapists, Youth Workers, Foster and Adoption workers, Social Workers and other creative / facilitators welcomed. Please message Brigid to find out more or book your place.


Monthly meetings - click on the box with the date and drop down menu for the other dates.  Or go to Facebook to click your interest.


Playing for our Health

DvT Theory into Practice Sessions


Experiential workshops enhance the learning opportunities that support greater application of theory into practice
Experiential workshops enhance the learning opportunities that support greater application of theory into practice

Trauma-Informed Supervision & Training to aid healing for Carers & Support Workers


Individuals who have experienced complex trauma need highly skilled care.


Clear role definition and an enhanced understanding of early trauma can help carers and support workers to really support change.


We offer the following training:

On-Site, Trauma-Informed Workshops

Trauma-Stewardship and Team Health

Supervision and Consultation