Brigid Wells

A warm, encouraging and playful professional with a dynamic approach to coaching, therapy, consultation, and training.  Brigid is both calm and energised, offering a nourishing and empowering environment. She is passionate about life-long learning and collaboration.


For over 20 years Brigid has been gathering the insights and skills that allow her to promote positive and long-lasting change. She feels privileged to work with many clients (individuals, couples, families, organisations, and communities) delivering interventions that are effective, time-limited and evidence-based.


Brigid brings creative-arts therapy, developmental healing, and trauma-Informed approaches to her work - approaches which support exuberance, resilience, vitality, and compassion. 


She balances her dedication to others’ health with her own daily self-care, involvement in the creative-arts, healthy life-style, and ongoing professional development.  She believes that being able to have a positive influence on children's resilience can be the most important role many of us hold and that we all need insight to do this well. 


Brigid is a Trauma-Informed Dramatherapist; EMDR; Neuro-Affective-Relational-Model / NARM Practitioner; BICA Neurotherapist; and Creative Arts Therapist. She holds a BA Hons, a MA and is HCPC-registered.

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