NARM Client Testimonial

One NARM Client Talks About Her Therapy Experience

"You have to make it ‘that’ important – to invest your time, money and attention on 'you' getting better.  It’s not about the talking – it’s about connecting with parts of myself that I thought I had to reject... after years of coping and managing, or not – actually caring about yourself enough to overcome what feels like this endless affliction.  With Brigid’s help, I am."


"The NARM method is very clever and very effective.  It feels like magic – talk, feel, notice, laugh, cry and go home.  Sleep – and wake up feeling oddly stronger, more stable and so much more myself.  There’s a complex neuro-physiology to explain it, but who needs the theory, we all just want the result – freedom from the effects of trauma."


"Brigid is awesome.  When I met her I was challenging to the point of rudeness about how effective our time might be and what I hoped for and expected.  A year on and I am in my place – she put me there – firmly and strongly inside my own body, my own mind and my own life.  She is awesome."


"Please stop thinking you are crazy or just difficult or it’s too late – I’m 53 and have tried it all – meditation, mindfulness, self-help books, retreats, diet, endless searching.  Some of it worked for some of the time.  I have found working with Brigid using the NARM method the very best and most effective way of freeing myself from this chaos which trauma generates.  It has worked, maybe not all – but most of the time and that feels good."


"It’s not in your head!  If you can just realise that our bodies – nerves, reactions, over-sensitivity, constrictions, panic, emptiness are all signals for help – sent from the body, then you can make a start.  I was sick of trying to think my way out of the maze.  Controlling thoughts, sitting with memories, being positive – and yet still feeling lost.  It just doesn't work - and so again you think 'it just must be me!'.  It's not. You have to feel your way out.  Then practice and learn how to feel for the exit every time.  Brigid trains you to stop thinking and feel for the way out."