NARM Residential Weekend Retreat  -  26th - 28th June 2020

Our experiential weekend for a group of 4-6 participants is an opportunity to develop a deep, compassionate and informed understanding of your survival strategies, your early hurts, your developmental disturbances and your resources. 


This is for you if you are interested in your personal growth and capacity for connection and trust (separate weekends are offered for  professional growth as a helping professional).


The workshop space facilitates connection and sense-making of pre-verbal experience through the use of art, image making, movement and play / drama.  Exploration will be offered in a nurturing environment that activates your adult compassion and wisdom, while giving space and expression to the thoughts, feelings, impulses and desires of your younger ego-states.


We will practice Mindful Regulation, Exploration,  and other practices based on the Neuro-Affective-Relational-Model (NARM ™ *).


NARM is a resource-oriented process that can help you release the tension around feeling your feelings, and come to terms with early pain and loss, enabling you to continue to grow - rather than being stuck in repeating unmet needs, pain or survival patterns. For more on NARM and a client testimonial.






The weekend is facilitated by Brigid Wells (more about Brigid).


The course runs Friday to Sunday evening; full residential experience, in a lovely venue in the South West of England. 


June Retreat Times are: Friday 26th:  6-9pm; Saturday 27th:  10-1; 2:30-6pm; Sunday 28th: 9-12:30; 2-5pm.  (Depending on needs of the group, our times can be negotiated to provide more self-reflection and rest time, or dancing, or sharing around a camp fire...)


Get in touch for more information, to answer a reflective questionnaire and consider if this is the right kind of opportunity for you - and to let me know how it can be even more personally responsive to your 'learning edges' and learning style.  Come and keep on evolving, in a weekend community space!


Costs: £500 - Before 1st April and after this £550 per person - contact Brigid if you need a lower fee; or to book a place, or pay below. 


NARM Weekend Retreat

All inclusive Retreat, Providing NARM Therapy


Playing For Our Health

Play for Practitioners! 


We are looking at connecting regularly, in playful, creative ways, to support inner pains and playfulness; to expand our 'play-ability'; to engage in an 'antidote' to the disconnection and troubles in the world at the moment...

Anni Tosh and Brigid Wells (both Dramatherapists, graduates and long time enthusiasts of DvT - Developmental Transformations), offer a theory and practise group, where all group members can contribute to our collective understanding of the opportunities in play, share and play with DvT ideas of how to use playful interventions more purposefully; weaving insight and trauma-informed psycho-education into self-care and play encounters.

If these ideas are of interest, we would like to invite you to join us in a Developmental Transformations (DvT) Practise Space; 6 meetings over the next 7 months; mostly Saturday afternoons; £40 for 3-4 hours of sheer delight and CPD! No obligation needed - drop in, until we may all decide on a closed group structure; Dramatherapists and other creative / facilitators welcomed. Please message Brigid to find out more or book your place.


Monthly meetings - click on the box with the date and drop down menu for the other dates.


Playing for Health 11am - 3pm (Bring and share Lunch)

4 hours CPD Certificates Provided


Playing For Carers

Increase your playfulness, your capacity to be creative, patient, warm and hold kind and firm boundaries, despite all the pressures you may face.  


Get in touch to arrange a time for you.