Embodiment and Vitality

What does it mean to have a body and a mind? Where is the soul?  What does it mean to follow your heart?

To be 'embodied' is to live each day with awareness of your physical sensations, the information your body gives you.


This isn't fluffy; to be embodied is fulfilling, exciting, satisfying. Embodiment leads to greater personal and professional success – compared to just living it 'in your head'.


Humans are wildly marvellous and marvellously complex!  We have brains that register subtle changes in our environments, and these changes activate chemical and hormonal reactions in us which help us to avoid feeling bad, and increase feeling good. 


There used to be less complexity in our environments; we used to be able to 'hear' what we needed and to take appropriate action.  Now we face complex status hierarchies and relationships (social and professional), 24-7 emails, screen-blue lighting at night. We are required to make sense of these streams of information in order to make decisions, all the time.


So how do we trust ourselves enough to navigate these often-conflicting needs. How do we maintain stability within the instability – or even keep up our love of life?  Can we trust our impulses for risk taking?  Can we trust others to have our best interests at heart - or do we distrust everyone?  Do we commit to working in jobs we hate in order to sustain an equilibrium?  Do we over-commit to meet the needs of others in order to keep the peace?


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