Supervision and Consultation

We provide clinically-informed creative supervision and consultation to enable safe, ethical, sustainable and effective practice.


Whether you are based in a school, foster & adoption family home, nursery, residential provision for young or elderly people, hospice, hospital, voluntary or statutory sector - you will be afforded opportunities for enhancing the experiences of people in your care.  Clinical Supervision provides a reflective, honest, realistic and skilled space enabling reduced stress and secondary trauma, and increased trauma-resolution and trauma-resilience. 


We offer group and individual trauma-informed supervision, so that you can address challenges and navigate difficult dilemmas within your work or case-load, or team and organisation.


We believe that trauma stewardship is a great privilege and a great responsibility that requires regular self-care and support from a supervisory and consultative space.


We provide a range of deeply engaging and rewarding learning opportunities. We will design 1-day / 2-day / week / monthly courses tailored to your budget and skill needs.


If you, or your team would benefit from our bespoke support, please get in touch with us for an opportunity to explore how we can deliver this support.


Give us a call.