Gibraltar - Healing Power of Play & the Polyvagal Nerve - 12th & 13th March 2020

Increasing Resilience and Social Engagement, Reducing Anxiety and  Stress


Following our well-received Summer and Autumn training on the Healing Power of Play, this is our Spring, 2 day course, (plus optional 4 hours of Dramatherapy on Saturday 14th March).


This engaging 2 day workshop is for professionals, interested in helping clients of all ages to engage in greater self awareness and resilience, using insights around the use of creativity and play, and the Polyvagal Nerve. 


Our ‘social engagement’ system is determined by the ‘tone’ of our Polyvagal Nervous (PN) system.  It is physiologically central within our bodies, and is central to how we feel about ourselves, others, and our place in the world. 


The ‘tone’ of the PN allows – or diminishes – communication between our bodies and minds, either helping us to process our experiences, or restrict how flexible we can be, and how our ‘out of date’ survival patterns repeat. 


Our course will offer more understanding of the PN’s function.  We will look at how it can be impacted by genetics, attachment, digital addiction, past and present experience.  We will develop skills to improve the ‘tone’ and communication between body and mind. 

When we can ‘befriend’ our PN system, and consciously increase our tolerance for challenge, intimacy, trust, healthy risk-taking, we can develop greater self-trust, better communication, motivation, emotional regulation, courage, patience, boundary setting, and emotional security. 


Our course will offer you a chance to ‘befriend’ your PN system and to help clients to do the same.  We will do this creatively and in a way that suits you, while you also reflect on how you will apply the tools / practices to working with different populations.


PN tone is low, when we are genetically more connected with Autism, or have personal or generational, experiences of trauma.  We will give these populations special time and attention.


Neural development, cognitive capacity and emotional processing is impacted by the PN tone, and the excellent news, is that PN tone can be increased through several creative-expressive activities, physiological activities and relational activity. 


We will look at case studies in order to create a more reliable method of assessment, intervention and evaluation.  


We will look at involving parents in the process of increasing their own, and their children’s PN tone, and ways of facilitating play-encounters between parents and children, as well as with teens and adults; groups and 1:1 therapy. 


Topics covered in the workshop include:


How Attachment Patterns and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) contribute towards Complex PTSD and 'time-limited' Survival Styles;

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

What is 'Play' and why do we need it?

Polyvagal Nerve and accessing it's healing powers

Involving parents - to increase their own and their children's PN tone and resilience


£230 - Early Bird, (before 30th January 2020) self-funded

£250 - self-funding

£280 - organisation funding (invoices provided)


Dates: Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March (Plus optional Saturday 14th March - 4 hours of Dramatherapy)


Venue: to be confirmed - comfortable with space to move around


We're not just offering training, but also connection with other like-minded professionals and community building, of "serious-about-play-and-creativity professionals".  Nyree will be offering regular opportunities to connect, develop play skills, share good practice, develop new ways of working, as well as share the struggle to bring your organisations / practices into more compassionate, trauma-informed ways of understanding and working.  We also deliver webinars and peer supervision, following your involvement in the course/s. 


Please get in touch to book your place, or pay below. 

Spring - Power of Play and the Polyvagal Nerve

2 Day course - Power of Play and the Polyvagal Nerve

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