Gibraltar - Therapeutic Play and Creativity for Practitioners - New Dates in February 2020 tbc

Feb 2020 | 2 day course | @ The Loreto Convent School - Europa Road

Following our well-received Summer workshop on the Healing Power of Play. This is our Autumn, 2 day course, linked but not dependent upon future courses, to be run in the Winter, Spring and Summer.


This personally and professionally engaging 2 day workshop will help practitioners to understand the healing potential of Play, and why it's important to social, emotional and mental health development.


You will take part in playful, experiential activities to help further your understanding and appreciation of the power of Play.  We will consider the impact that Trauma has on early development and how this can be reduced, and resolved through Play.


Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • How Attachment Patterns and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) contribute towards Complex PTSD and 'time-limited' Survival Styles;
  • What is 'Play' and why do we need it?
  • Role-play and trauma resolution
  • Creative-arts activities
  • Polyvagal Nerve and accessing it's healing powers
  • How to create the conditions for Play, Trauma resolution and Post-Traumatic growth.


  • £230 - Early Bird, (before 15th January 2020) self-funded
  • £250 - self-funding
  • £280 - organisation funding (invoices provided)

Dates:  February 2020 (Wednesday, Thursday - dates to be confirmed)

Venue: to be confirmed - with space to move around - (wear comfortable clothing)


We're not just offering training, but also connection with other like-minded professionals and community building, of "serious-about-play-and-creativity professionals".  Nyree will be offering regular opportunities to connect, develop play skills, share good practice, develop new ways of working, as well as share the struggle to bring your organisations / practices into more compassionate, trauma-informed ways of understanding and working.  We also deliver webinars and peer supervision, following your involvement in the course/s. 



Please get in touch to book your place, or pay below.


Autumn - Therapeutic Play and Creativity Course

2 Day course - Therapeutic Play and Creativity Course

Book before 15th January 2020 for Early Bird Price