Bite sized, lunch time training events

For Foster and Adoption carers, Teaching staff and Social workers... (or anyone thinking about these kinds of roles)

Join our holistic, personal growth and professional training, if you want to integrate understanding of Trauma, Play, Drama, Creative-Expressive Therapeutic Interventions into your service / client work / supporting children, parents and families. 


Learning takes place in a supportive, playful, creative and mindful environment.  We actively support greater Social Responsibility, Ethical and Sustainable practice - so that this holistic experience can have a positive impact on your health and the health you can bring to your children, clients and healing or helping communities.

Developmental Trauma - 5 Core Needs

Connection, Attunement, Trust, Autonomy and Love-Sexuality

This is a short introduction to a Developmental Trauma model, created by Laurence Heller and Aline LaPierre, (Neuro-Affective-Relational-Model). 

We will look at how 'survival strategies' are formed, when the early environment can't meet the core needs. 


Date: Wednesday 25th September

Time: 11am - 1pm (bring your lunch!)

Venue: Gatley Hill House - 75 Church Rd, Gatley, Cheadle SK8 4EY

Developmental Trauma

Introduction to Neuro-Affective-Relational-Model and Developmental Trauma


Polyvagal nerve - Tame it and re-train it

Introduction to how the Polyvagal nerve can be re-trained

The Polyvagal Nerve works automatically:  Storing information in our bodies, about how you have needed to survive painful experiences, it tries to help you 'survive' current stress, but we end up repeating patterns that don't serve us anymore. This is a short introduction to the Polyvagal nerve, how it works, how it affects us and how we can train it. 


Date: Wednesday 9th October

Time: 11am - 1pm (bring your lunch!)

Venue: Gatley Hill House - 75 Church Rd, Gatley, Cheadle SK8 4EY

Bite Size Training - Polyvagal Nerve

Introduction to the importance of the Polyvagal Nerve and how to re-train it